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In the third quarter of 2023, Vitamin C prices in the United States experienced a notable decline, with CFR values dropping from $3750/mt to $3490/mt between July and September, signaling a discouraging conclusion to the quarter. The significant factors contributing to the substantial price decrease in the US vitamin C market were the unusually low demand from end-users and the ample supply available to meet the entire demand. Throughout the quarter, the Federal Reserve remained apprehensive about the development of the US economy, expressing concerns about potential increases in inflationary pressures. A report indicated that the US manufacturing sector contracted in July for the ninth consecutive month as companies downsized staff and output in response to a decline in new orders. The demand for nutraceuticals, particularly Vitamin C, from overseas markets declined significantly in the latter half of Q3 due to abundant supply from domestic suppliers. With assistance from the Federal Reserve, states participating in the Soft Landing Summer program discovered several promising economic indicators in the second half, suggesting that the US economy might be avoiding the expected recession.

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